Lamp Application Tables, are used to assist the customer in choosing the right model for their car. To do this, the table below will help us, showing the various car models and the types of lamps it mounts.

The Table shows the title of the columns in the header. The first column indicates the model of the car, the second the year of production and the following the function of the lamp for that car such as "front indicators".

To find your lamps, all you need to do is write your model in the search field in the upper right corner of the table. As you write, the table rows will be filtered, leaving only the relevant ones.

We recommend that you always write the car model step by step, always starting from the production company (e.g. "FIAT"), then the model (e.g. "punto"), finally the specifications (e.g. "VAN").

ModelYearLow beamHigh beamFog lightsPositionFront arrowsRear arrowsStop
ALFA ROMEO 1472001 > 2010H7H1H1H6WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO 147 luci a Xenon2001 > 2010D2S XenonH1H1H6WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO 1561998 > 2006H7H1H1H6WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO 156 luci a Xenon1998 > 2006D2S XenonH1H1H6WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO 156 GTA2002 > 2005H7H1H1H6WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO 1592006 > 2011H7H7H7W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO 159 luci a Xenon2006 > 2011D1S XenonH1H7W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO 159 luci Bi-Xenon2009 > 2011D1S XenonD1S XenonH1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportswagon2006 > 2009H7H7H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportswagon luci a Xenon2006 > 2009D1S XenonH1H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO Brera2006 > 2011H7H7H7W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO Brera luci a Xenon2006 > 2011D1S XenonH1H7W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO Crosswagon Q42004 > 2007H1H1H1H6WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO Giulietta2010 >H1H1H3PY24WR10W
ALFA ROMEO Giulietta luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH3PY24WR10W
ALFA ROMEO Mito2008 > 2011HB3H7H1W21/5WWY21WP21W
ALFA ROMEO Mito2011 >H7H7H1W21/5WWY21W
ALFA ROMEO Mito luci a Xenon2008 > 2011D1S XenonH7H1W21/5WWY21WP21W
ALFA ROMEO Mito luci a Xenon2011 >D1S XenonH7H1W21/5WWY21W
ALFA ROMEO Spider luci a Xenon2007 > 2011D1S XenonH1H7W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO Sportwagon Q42004 > 2007H7H1H1H6WPY21WP21WP21/5W
ALFA ROMEO Sportwagon GTA2004 > 2007H7H1H1H6WPY21WP21WP21W
AUDI A12010 > 2011H7H1H11W21WWY21WW16WP21W
AUDI A12012 >H7H1H11W21WW16W
AUDI A1 luci a Xenon2010 > 2011D3S XenonH1H11WY21WW16WP21W
AUDI A1 luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11PSY24WW16W
AUDI A1 Sportback2012 >H7H1H11W21WW16WP21W
AUDI A1 Sportback luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11W16WP21W
AUDI A22001 > 2005H7H3H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
AUDI A31997 > 2003H7H1H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
AUDI A32003 > 2009H7H7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
AUDI A32010 >H7H7H11PS19WPSY24WPY21WW16W
AUDI A32013 >H15H15H11/H8PSY24WPY21WW16W
AUDI A3 luci a Xenon1997 > 2003D2S XenonH7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
AUDI A3 luci a Xenon2003 > 2009D2S XenonH7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
AUDI A3 luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11PSY24WPY21WW16W
AUDI A3 luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11/H8PSY24WPY21WW16W
AUDI A3 Sportback2012 >H7H15H8W5WPY21WW21W
AUDI A3 Sportback luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH8PY21WW21W
AUDI A3 Cabriolet2013 >H7H15H8W5WPSY24WRY10WW21W
AUDI A3 Cabriolet luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH8PSY24WRY10WW21W
AUDI A3 Limousine2013 >H7H15H8W5WPSY24WPY21WW21W
AUDI A3 Limousine luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH8PSY24WPY21WW21W
AUDI A42001 > 2005H7H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
AUDI A42005 > 2008H7H7H11W5WPY21WP21WP21W
AUDI A42008 > 2012H7H7H11P13WPSY24WP21WP21W
AUDI A42013 >H7H7H8
AUDI A4 luci a Xenon2001 > 2005D2S XenonH7H1H6WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
AUDI A4 luci Bi-Xenon2005 > 2008D1S XenonD1S XenonH11W5WP21WP21WP21W
AUDI A4 luci Bi-Xenon2008 > 2012D3S XenonD3S XenonH11PSY24WP21W
AUDI A4 luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH8P21WP21W
AUDI A4 Allroad2009 >H7H7H11P13WPSY24WPY21WW16W
AUDI A4 Allroad2013 >H7H7H11PY21WW16W
AUDI A4 Allroad luci Bi-Xenon2009 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11PSY24WPY21W
AUDI A4 Allroad luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11PY21WW16W
AUDI A4 Avant2008 > 2012H7H7H11P13WPSY24WPY21WW16W
AUDI A4 Avant2013 >H7H7H8PY24W
AUDI A4 Avant luci Bi-Xenon2008 > 2012D3S XenonD3S XenonH11PSY24WPY21W
AUDI A4 Avant luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH8PY24W
AUDI A4 Quattro2008 >H7H7H11PY21WP21W
AUDI A52008 > 2010H7H7H11W5WH21WW16WP21W
AUDI A52011 >H7H15H11W5WPSY24WW16W
AUDI A5 luci Bi-Xenon2008 > 2010D3S XenonD3S XenonH11W5WH21WW16WP21W
AUDI A5 luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11H21WW16W
AUDI A5 Quattro2009 >H7H7H11W5WH21WP21W
AUDI A5 Quattro luci Bi-Xenon2009 >D3S XenonD3S
AUDI A61998 > 2005H1H7H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
AUDI A62005 > 2006H7H7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
AUDI A62007 > 2010H7H7H7W5WPY21WP21WP21W
AUDI A62011 >H7H15H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
AUDI A62012 >H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
AUDI A6 luci a Xenon2005 >D2S XenonH7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
AUDI A6 luci Bi-Xenon2005 > 2006D2S XenonD2S XenonH7W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
AUDI A6 luci Bi-Xenon2007 > 2010D2S XenonD2S XenonH7W5WPY21WP21WP21W
AUDI A6 luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11PSY24WPY21WP21W
AUDI A6 luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
AUDI A6 Avant2011 >H7H15H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
AUDI A6 Avant
luci Bi-Xenon
2011 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11PY21WP21W
AUDI A7 Sportback2010 >H8
AUDI A7 Sportback luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH8PSY24W
AUDI Allroad2001 > 2005H1H7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
AUDI Allroad luci a Xenon2001 > 2005D2S XenonH7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
AUDI Q32011 >H7H7H11W21W
AUDI Q3 luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11
AUDI Q52009 > 2010H7H7H11W5WPY21WP21W
AUDI Q52010 >H7H7H11P13WPSY24WW16WW16W
AUDI Q5 (8R)2008 > 2012H7H7H11P13WH21WW16WW16W
AUDI Q5 luci a Xenon2009 > 2010D3S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WP21W
AUDI Q5 luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11PSY24WW16WW16W
AUDI Q5 (8R) luci Bi-Xenon2008 > 2012D3S XenonD3S XenonH11H21WW16WW16W
AUDI Q7 luci a Xenon2006 > 2010D1S XenonH7H7W5WH21WP21WP21W
AUDI Q72011 >H7H15H11W5WH21WP21WP21W
AUDI Q7 luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11P21WP21W
AUDI RS42005 > 2008H7H7H11PY21WP21WP21W
AUDI RS4 luci Bi-Xenon2005 > 2008D1S XenonD1S XenonH11PY21WP21WP21W
AUDI S31999 > 2003H7H1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
AUDI S32007 >H7H7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
AUDI S3 luci a Xenon1999 > 2003D2S XenonH1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
AUDI S3 luci a Xenon2007 >D2S XenonH7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
AUDI S42003 > 2006H7H7H11W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
AUDI S42009 >H7H7H11W5WH21WPY21WP21W
AUDI S4 luci a Xenon2003 > 2006D2S XenonH7H11H6WPY21WP21WP21/5W
AUDI S4 luci Bi-Xenon2009 >D2S XenonD2S XenonH11W5WH21WPY21WP21W
AUDI S52010 >H7H7H11W5WPY24WW21WP21W
AUDI S62006 >H1H7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
AUDI S6 luci a Xenon2006 >D2S XenonH7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
AUDI TT1999 > 2006H1H7H3H6WH21WP21WP21/5W
AUDI TT2008 >H7H7H11W5WH21WW16WP21W
AUDI TT luci a Xenon1999 > 2006D2S XenonH7H3H6WH21WP21WP21/5W
AUDI TT luci Bi-Xenon2008 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11PY21WW16WP21W
AUDI TT Roadster1999 > 2006H1H7H3H6WH21WP21WP21/5W
AUDI TT Roadster2008 >H7H7H11W5WH21WW16WP21W
AUDI TT Roadster luci a Xenon1999 > 2006D2S XenonH7H3H6WH21WP21WP21/5W
AUDI TT Roadster luci Bi-Xenon2008 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11PY21WW16WP21W
BMW Serie 12004 > 2011H7H7H11W5WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 12011 >H7H7H8H6WPY21WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 1 luci a Xenon2004 > 2011D2S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 1 luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8PY21WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 1 Cabriolet2008 >H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 1 Cabriolet luci a Xenon2008 >D1S XenonH7H11H8PY21WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 1 Coupé2007 >H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 1 Coupé luci a Xenon2007 >D1S XenonH7H11H8PY21WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 22014 >H7H15H8PY21WP21W
BMW Serie 2 luci Bi-Xenon2014 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8PY21WP21W
BMW Serie 3 (E46)1998 > 2006H7H7H8W5WP21W/ PY21WP21W/ PY21WP21W
BMW Serie 3 (E46) luci a Xenon1999 > 2005D2S XenonH7H8W5WP21WP21WP21W
BMW Serie 3 (E46) luci a Xenon e vetro frecce bianco1999 > 2005D2S XenonH7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 3 (E90/92)2005 >H7H7HB4W5WPY21WP21WP21W
BMW Serie 3 (E90/92) luci a Xenon2005 >D1S XenonH7HB4W5WPY21WP21WP21W
BMW Serie 3 (E93) Cabriolet luci Bi-Xenon2007 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8PSY24WPY21W
BMW Serie 3 (E36) Compact2001 > 2005H7H7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 3 (E36) Compact luci a Xenon2001 > 2005D2S XenonH7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 3 (E91) Touring2008 >H7H7H8W5WPY24WP21W
BMW Serie 3 (F31) Touring2012 >H7H7H8H6WPY21WP21WP21W
BMW Serie 3 (E91) Touring luci Bi-Xenon2008 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WP21W
BMW Serie 3 Touring luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8PY21WP21WP21W
BMW Serie 3 Gran Turismo2013 >H7H7H8H6WPY21WP21WH21W
BMW Serie 3 Gran Turismo luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8PY21WP21WH21W
BMW Serie 4 Coupé luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8P21WH21W
BMW Serie 4 Gran Coupe luci Bi-Xenon2014 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8P21WH21W
BMW Serie 5 (E39)1995 > 2003H7HB3H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 5 (E60)2003 > 2009H7H7HB4W5WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 5 (F10)2010 >H7H7H8PSY24W
BMW Serie 5 luci a Xenon1995 > 2000D2S XenonHB3H7W5WP21WP21WP21W
BMW Serie 5 luci a Xenon2000 > 2005D2S XenonH7H8P21WP21WP21W
BMW Serie 5 (E60) luci a Xenon2003 > 2009D2S XenonH7HB4W5WPY21WP21W
BMW Serie 5 (F10) luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8PSY24W
BMW Serie 5 (F10.F18) luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8PY24W
BMW Serie 5 Gran Turismo2010 >H7H7H8
BMW Serie 5 Gran Turismo luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8
BMW Serie 5 Touring2010 >H7H7H8PSY24W
BMW Serie 5 Touring luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8
BMW Serie 5 Touring luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8PY24W
BMW Serie 6 luci a Xenon2004 >D2S XenonH7HB4PY21WPY21W
BMW Serie 6 Cabriolet luci a Xenon2004 > 2010D2S XenonH7HB4PY21WPY21W
BMW Serie 6 Cabriolet luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonPY21W
BMW Serie 6 Coupé2011 >
BMW Serie 6 Coupé luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonPY21W
BMW Serie 6 Gran Coupé luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S Xenon
BMW i32013 >H7H11
BMW M32001 > 2007H7H7H7W5WH21WP21WP21W
BMW M3 luci a Xenon2001 > 2007D2S XenonH7H7W5WH21WP21WP21W
BMW M5 luci a Xenon2005 > 2010D2S XenonH7HB4W5WPY21WP21W
BMW M6 luci a Xenon2005 >D2S XenonHB4PY21W
BMW X12009 >H7H7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
BMW X1 luci a Xenon2009 >D1S XenonH7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
BMW X32004 > 2010H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
BMW X32011 >H7H7H8W5WPY21WP21WP21W
BMW X3 luci a Xenon2004 > 2010D2S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
BMW X3 luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11PY21WP21WP21W
BMW X42014 >H7H7H8W5WP21WP21W
BMW X4 luci Bi-Xenon2014 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8P21WP21W
BMW X51999 > 2006H7H1H11H6WPY21WPY21WP21W
BMW X52006 > 2013H7H1H8/H11H8P21WP21W
BMW X52013 >H7H7H8
BMW X5 luci a Xenon2003 >D2S XenonH7H11H6WPY21WPY21WP21W
BMW X5 luci Bi-Xenon2007 > 2008D1S XenonD1S XenonH8/H11H8P21WP21W
BMW X5 luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8
BMW X6 luci Bi-Xenon2008 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11H8PY21WH21WP21W
BMW X6 ActiveHybrid luci Bi-Xenon2009 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11H8PY21WH21WP21W
CITROËN Berlingo1999 > 2008H4H4H1T4WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN Berlingo2008 >H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C12006 >H4H4W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
CITROËN C22004 > 2006H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C22007 > 2010H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C32002 > 2006H7H7H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
CITROËN C32007 > 2009H7H1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C3 Pluriel2003 > 2010H7H1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C3 Picasso2009 >H7H1PSX24WW5WH21WP21WP21/5W
CITROËN C42005 > 2008H7H1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C42009 >H7H1H6WH21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 luci Bi-Xenon2009 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH6WH21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Coupé2004 > 2010H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Coupé luci a Xenon2004 > 2010D1S XenonH1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Hatchback2006 >H7H1H11H6WH6WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Hatchback luci Bi-Xenon2006 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11H6WH6WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Cactus2014 >H7H1PY21WPY21WP21W
CITROËN C4 Picasso2007 > 2009H7H1H11H6WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Picasso2010 > 2013H7H1H11H6WH21WPY21WP21W
CITROËN C4 Picasso2013 >H7H7H11PY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Picasso luci a Xenon2010 >D1S XenonH7H11H6WH21WPY21WP21W
CITROËN C4 Picasso luci a Xenon2013 >H7H11PY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Picasso luci Bi-Xenon2007 > 2009D1S XenonD1S XenonH11H6WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Picasso luci Bi-Xenon2009 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11P21/5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Grand Picasso2006 >H7H1H11PY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Grand Picasso2013 >H7H7H11PY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Grand Picasso luci a Xenon2013 >H7H11PY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Grand Picasso luci Bi-Xenon2006 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11PY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C4 Aircross2012 >H7HB3H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21W
CITROËN C4 Aircross luci a Xenon2012 >D2S XenonHB3H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21W
CITROËN C52001 > 2004H7H4H4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C52005 > 2008H7H1H11H6WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C52008 >H7H1H8W5WHP24WP21WP21/5W
CITROËN C52012 >H7H1H8PSY24WP21WP21/5W
CITROËN C5 luci a Xenon2001 > 2004D2R XenonH1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C5 luci a Xenon2005 > 2008D1S XenonH1H11H6WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C5 luci Bi-Xenon2008 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WHP24WP21WP21/5W
CITROËN C5 luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D1S
D1S XenonH8PSY24WP21WP21/5W
CITROËN C5 Break2008 >H7H1H8W5WPSY24WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C5 Break luci Bi-Xenon2008 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WPSY24WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C6 luci Bi-Xenon2005 >D2S XenonD2S XenonH11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C82002 > 2007H7H7H1W5WPY21WH21WP21/5W
CITROËN C82008 > 2010H7H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C8 luci Bi-Xenon2008 > 2010D2R XenonD2R XenonH1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C8 luci Bi-Xenon2002 > 2007D1S XenonD1S XenonH1W5WPY21WH21WP21/5W
CITROËN C Crosser2008 >H11H7H11W5WPY21WWY21WW21/5W
CITROËN C Crosser luci a Xenon2008 >D2S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WWY21WW21/5W
CITROËN C Elysee2012 >H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN C Zero2010 >H11HB3H8W5WW21WWY21W
CITROËN DS3 Cabriolet2013 >H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN DS42011 >H7H1H11P21/5WH21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN DS4 luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11P21/5WH21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN DS5 luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11PY21WP21W
CITROËN Evasion2000 > 2002H7H1H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
CITROËN Jumper1994 > 2006H4H4H3T4WPY21WPY21WP21W
CITROËN Jumper2007 >H7H1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN Jumpy1997 > 2007H4H4H1W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN Jumpy2007 >H4H4H1W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN Nemo Box2008 >H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
CITROËN Nemo Estate2009 >H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
CITROËN Saxo1996 > 2003H4H4H1W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN Xantia1993 > 2003H1H1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
CITROËN Xsara2001 > 2005H7H1H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
CITROËN Xsara Picasso2005 > 2010H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
DACIA Dokker2012 >H4H4H16W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
DACIA Dokker Express2012 >H4H4H16W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
DACIA Duster2010 >H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
DACIA Lodgy2012 >H4H4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
DACIA Logan2004 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
DACIA Logan con lampada singola2012 >H4H4H16W21/5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
DACIA Logan con lampada doppia2012 >H7H1H16W21/5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
DACIA Logan MCV2007 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
DACIA Sandero2008 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
DACIA Sandero con lampada singola2013 >H4H4H16W21/5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
DACIA Sandero con lampada doppia2013 >H7H1H16W21/5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FIAT 5002008 >H7H1H1W21/5WWY21WPY21WP21W
FIAT 500 luci Bi-Xenon2008 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH1W21/5WW21/5WPY21WP21W
FIAT 500 C2009 >H7H1H1W21/5WW5WPY21WP21W
FIAT 500 C luci Bi-Xenon2009 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH1W21/5WW21/5WPY21WP21W
FIAT 500 L2013 >H7H1H1W21/5WW5WPY21WP21W
FIAT 500 L luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH1W21/5WW21/5WPY21WP21W
FIAT Brava1995 > 2002H1H1W5WP21WP21WP21W
FIAT Brava2007 > 2011H1H1H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
FIAT Bravo luci Bi-Xenon2007 > 2011D1S XenonD1S XenonH1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
FIAT Croma2005 > 2011H1H1H11W5WPY21WR10WP21/5W
FIAT Croma luci a Xenon2005 > 2011D1S XenonH1H11W5WPY21WR10WP21/5W
FIAT Doblò2001 > 2010H7H1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FIAT Doblò2010 >H7H1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FIAT Fiorino2008 >H1H1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FIAT Freemont2011 >H11HB3PSX24W5WP27/7WWY21W
FIAT Grande Punto2005 > 2011H4H4H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
FIAT Grande Punto Van2008 > 2011H4H4H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
FIAT Idea2004 > 2011H7H1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FIAT Linea2007 > 2011H7H1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FIAT Marea1997 > 2003H1H1W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
FIAT Multipla1999 > 2010H7H1H1W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
FIAT Palio1996 > 2003H7H1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
FIAT Panda2004 > 2012H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FIAT Panda2012 >H4H4H11P21/5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FIAT Punto1999 > 2010H1H7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FIAT Punto/Grande Punto2005 >H4H4H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
FIAT Punto Evo2010 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WP21WP21W
FIAT Qubo2008 >H4H4H1W5WPY21WP21WP21W
FIAT Scudo1996 > 2007H4H4H3W5WPY21WP21WP21W
FIAT Scudo2007 >H4H4H4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FIAT Scudo con lampada doppia1996 > 2007H1H1H1W5WPY21WP21WP21W
FIAT Sedici2006 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
FIAT Seicento2001 > 2004H4H4H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
FIAT Seicento2004 > 2009H4H4W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
FIAT Stilo 3a2004 > 2007H7H7H1W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
FIAT Stilo Multi Wagon2002 > 2007H2H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FIAT Ulysse1997 > 2002H1H1H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
FORD B-Max2012 >H7H1H11PY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD C-Max2003 > 2006H7H7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FORD C-Max2007 > 2009H7H1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FORD C-Max2010 > 2011H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD C-Max2011 >H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD C-Max luci a Xenon2003 > 2006D2S XenonH7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FORD C-Max luci a Xenon2007 > 2009D1S XenonH1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FORD Fiesta1996 > 2002H4H4H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
FORD Fiesta2002 > 2008H7H1H1W5WPY21WP21WP21W
FORD Fiesta2009 >H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Focus1998 > 2004H4H4H1W5WP21WP21WP21W
FORD Focus2005 > 2008H7H1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Focus2008 > 2011H7H1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Focus2012 >H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Focus luci a Xenon2005 > 2008D1S XenonH1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Focus luci a Xenon2008 > 2011D1S XenonH1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Focus luci a Xenon2012 >D1S XenonH1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Focus C-Max2003 > 2007H7H1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FORD Focus C-Max luci Bi-Xenon2003 > 2007D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FORD Fusion2003 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Galaxy2001 > 2006H7H1H7H6WP21WPY21WP21W
FORD Galaxy2006 > 2009H7H1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FORD Galaxy2010 >H7H1HB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FORD Galaxy luci a Xenon2001 > 2006D2S XenonH1H7W5WP21WPY21WP21W
FORD Galaxy luci a Xenon2006 > 2009D1S XenonH1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FORD Galaxy luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonHB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
FORD Grand C-Max2010 >H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Ka1997 > 2008H7H1H1W5WP21WP21WP21W
FORD Ka2009 >H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Kuga2008 > 2011H7H7H8W5WH21WPSY19WW21/5W
FORD Kuga2011 >H7H7H8W5WH21WPSY19WW21/5W
FORD Kuga2013 >H7H15W5WWY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Kuga luci a Xenon2013 >D3S XenonH1WY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Mondeo2001 > 2007H7H1H1W5WP21WP21WP21/4W
FORD Mondeo2007 > 2010H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Mondeo2011 > 2012H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21W
FORD Mondeo2012 >H7H1H8W5WPY21WPY21W
FORD Mondeo luci a Xenon2007 > 2010D2S XenonH1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Mondeo luci Bi-Xenon2011 > 2012D1S XenonD1S XenonH11W5WPY21WPY21W
FORD Mondeo luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WPY21WPY21W
FORD Ranger2000 > 2006H4H4W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
FORD Ranger2006 > 2010H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Ranger2011 >H4H4H11W5WP21WWY21WW21/5W
FORD S-Max2006 > 2009H1H1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD S-Max2010 >H7H1H8W5WPY21WPY21W
FORD S-Max luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WPY21WPY21W
FORD Street KA2003 > 2005H7H1H1W5WP21WP21WP21W
FORD Tourneo Connect2006 > 2010H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Tourneo Connect2011 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Tourneo Connect/Grand Tourneo Connect Estate2013 >H7H15H11W5WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Tourneo Courier Estate2014 >H7H15H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Transit2000 > 2006H4H4W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
FORD Transit2006 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Transit2006 > 2011H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Transit2011 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Transit2014 >H7H15H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Transit Connect2003 > 2010H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Transit Connect2011 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Transit Connect
FORD Transit Connect Estate2013 >H7H15H11W5WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Transit Courier Estate2014 >H7H15H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
FORD Transit Tourneo2007 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HONDA Accord1998 > 2008H1H1H1W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
HONDA Accord2009 >HB4H1H1W5WPY21WW21WP21/5W
HONDA Accord luci a Xenon1998 > 2008D2S XenonH1H1W5WP21WP21WP21W
HONDA Accord luci a Xenon2009 >D2S XenonH1H1W5WPY21WW21WP21/5W
HONDA Accord Coupe1998 > 2001HB4HB3W5WP21WP21WP21W
HONDA Accord Tourer2003 > 2008D2S XenonHB3H11W5WW21WW21WW21/5W
HONDA Civic2002 > 2006H7H1H11W5WPY21WW21WP21/5W
HONDA Civic2008 > 2012H7H1H11W5WWY21WW21WW21/5W
HONDA Civic2012 >H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21W
HONDA Civic luci a Xenon2002 > 2006D2R XenonH1H11W5WPY21WW21WP21/5W
HONDA Civic luci a Xenon2008 >D2R XenonH1H11W5WWY21WW21WW21/5W
HONDA Civic luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D4S XenonD4S XenonH11W5WPY21WPY21W
HONDA Civic Tourer2014 >H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21W
HONDA Civic Tourer luci Bi-Xenon2014 >D4S XenonD4SXenonH11W5WPY21WPY21W
HONDA CR-V2002 > 2006H4H1HB4W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
HONDA CR-V2007 > 2011H1HB3H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
HONDA CR-V luci a Xenon2007 > 2011D2S XenonHB3H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
HONDA CR-V luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D4S XenonD4S XenonH11WY21WWY21W
HONDA CR-Z2010 >D2S XenonHB3H11WY21WWY21W
HONDA FR-V2005 > 2009H4H4H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
HONDA FR-V luci Bi-Xenon2005 > 2009D2S XenonD2S XenonH11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
HONDA HR-V1999 > 2005H1H1H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
HONDA Insight2009 >H11HB3WY21WWY21W
HONDA Insight luci a Xenon2009 >D2S XenonHB3WY21WWY21W
HONDA Jazz2002 > 2008H4H4H1W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
HONDA Jazz2009 >H4H4H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
HONDA Jazz luci a Xenon2009 >D2R XenonH4H11W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Getz2002 > 2005H4H27W/1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Getz2006 > 2009H4H4H27W/1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI i102008 > 2010H4H4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI i102011 >H4H4H27W/2W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI i202009 >H4H4H27W/1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI i20 con lampada singola2012 >H4H4H27W/2W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI i20 con lampada doppia2012 >H7H7H27W/2W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI i302008 > 2011H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI i30cw2008 >H7H1H27W/1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI i40cw2011 >H7H7H8PY21WPY21W
HYUNDAI i40cw luci a Xenon2011 >D1S XenonH7H8PY21WPY21W
HYUNDAI ix202010 >H7H7H27W/1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI ix352008 > 2009H7H7HB4W5WPY21WPY21W
HYUNDAI ix352010 >H7H7H27W/1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI ix35 luci Bi-Xenon2014 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH8PY21WPY21WP21W
HYUNDAI ix552008 >H7H7HB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Matrix2001 > 2005H4H4H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Matrix2006 > 2010H7H1H27W/1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Santa Fe2001 > 2005H4H4H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Santa Fe2006 > 2009H7H7H27W/2H6WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Santa Fe2010 > 2012H7H7H27W/2W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Santa Fe2012 >H7H7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
luci a Xenon
2010 > 2012D1S XenonH7H27W/2W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
luci a Xenon
2012 >D3S XenonH7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Sonata1999 > 2002H7H7T4WP21WP21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Sonata2002 > 2005H7H7HB4W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Sonata2005 > 2009H7H7HB4P21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Sonata2009 >H7H1HB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Terracan2001 > 2008H7H1H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Trajet2000 > 2007H7H1H3T4WPY21WP21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Tucson2005 > 2010H4H4H27W/2W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
HYUNDAI Veloster2011 >H7H7H27W/2PY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Carens2000 > 2006H4H4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Carens2007 > 2012H7H1H27W/1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
KIA Carens2013 >H7H7H8PY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Carens luci a Xenon2013 >D3S XenonH7H8PY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Carnival2001 > 2005H7H1W5WPY21WP21WW21/5W
KIA Carnival2006 > 2012H7H7H8W5WPY21WPY21WW21/5W
KIA Cee’d2007 > 2009H7H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
KIA Cee’d2010 > 2012H7H7H27W/1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Cee’d2013 >H7H7H8W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
KIA Cee'd luci a Xenon2013 >D1S XenonH7H8W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
KIA Cee’d SW2007 > 2009H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Picanto2004 > 2011H4H4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Picanto2011 >H4H4H27/W2W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
KIA Pro Cee’d2008 > 2012H7H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
KIA Pro Cee’d2013 >H7H7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Pro Cee’d luci a Xenon2013 >D1S XenonH7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Rio2001 > 2005H4H4W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Rio2006 > 2010H4H4W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
KIA Rio2011 >H7H1HB4P21/5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Sorento2002 > 2009H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Sorento2010 >H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Soul2009 > 2011H4H4H27W/1PY21WP21/5W
KIA Soul2012 >H7H7H27W/1PY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Sportage1994 > 2004H4H4W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
KIA Sportage2005 > 2010H4H4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
KIA Sportage2011 >H7H7H27W/1W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
KIA Sportage luci a Xenon2011 >D1S XenonH7H27W/1W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
KIA Venga2010 >H7H1H27W/1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
LAND ROVER Defender1998 >H4H4H3R5WP21WP21WP21W
LAND ROVER Defender Diesel1998 >H4H4H3R5WP21WP21WP21/5W
LAND ROVER Discovery1994 > 2004H4H4W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
LAND ROVER Discovery2005 > 2009H7H7W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
LAND ROVER Discovery2010 >H7H7W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
LAND ROVER Discovery luci a Xenon2005 > 2009D2S XenonH7W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
LAND ROVER Discovery luci a Xenon2010 >D2S XenonH7W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
LAND ROVER Evoque luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D3S XenonD3S XenonPSY24WPSY24W
LAND ROVER Freelander1998 > 2006H4H4W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
LAND ROVER Freelander2007 >H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
LAND ROVER Freelander2013 >HB3HB3H8P21W/ PY21WW16W
LAND ROVER Freelander luci a Xenon2007 >D1S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
LAND ROVER Freelander luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH8P21W/ PY21WW16W
LAND ROVER Land/Range Rover1992 >H4H4T4WP21WP21WP21/5W
LAND ROVER Range Rover1995 > 2002H4H4H3R5WP21WP21WP21/5W
LAND ROVER Range Rover2002 >D2S XenonH7H7W5WP21WP21WP21W
LAND ROVER Range Rover luci Bi-Xenon2010 > 2012D3S XenonD3S XenonH11
LAND ROVER Range Rover luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D3S XenonD3S Xenon
LAND ROVER Range Rover Sport2005 >D2S XenonH7H11PY21WP21/5W
LAND ROVER Range Rover Sport LS2010 >H7H7H11W5WPY24W
LAND ROVER Range Rover Sport LS Xenon2010 >D3S XenonH7H11PY24W
MAZDA CX-52012 >H11H15H11W5WPY21WWY21WW21/5W
MAZDA CX-5 luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D4S XenonD4S XenonH11W5WPY21WWY21WW21/5W
MAZDA CX-72007 >H7HB3H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
MAZDA CX-7 luci a Xenon2007 >D2S XenonHB3H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
MAZDA CX-7 luci a Xenon2009 >D1S XenonHB3HB4W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
MAZDA CX-92007 > 2011H11HB3HB4W5WPY21WW21W
MAZDA CX-9 luci a Xenon2007 > 2011D2S XenonHB3HB4W5WPY21WW21W
MAZDA 22003 > 2007H4H4H3W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
MAZDA 22008 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WWY21WW21/5W
MAZDA 32003 > 2009H7H7HB4W5WPY21WP21WW21/5W
MAZDA 32009 >H11HB3HB4W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
MAZDA 32013 >H11HB3/H15H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
MAZDA 3 luci a Xenon2003 > 2009D2S XenonH7HB4W5WPY21WP21WW21/5W
MAZDA 3 luci Bi-Xenon2009 > 2013D2S XenonD2S XenonHB4W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
MAZDA 3 luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D4S XenonD4S XenonH11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
MAZDA 52005 > 2010H7H7HB4W5WPY21WW21WW21/5W
MAZDA 52010 >H11HB3H11W5WPY21WWY21WW21/5W
MAZDA 5 luci a Xenon2005 > 2010D2S XenonH7HB4W5WPY21WW21WW21/5W
MAZDA 5 luci a Xenon2010 >D2S XenonHB3H11W5WPY21WWY21WW21/5W
MAZDA 62002 > 2007H1H1H3W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
MAZDA 62008 > 2009H11H9H11WY21WW21W
MAZDA 62010 > 2012H11H9H11W5WPY21WPY21W
MAZDA 62013 >H11H15H11WY21WWY21W
MAZDA 6 luci a Xenon2008 > 2009D2S XenonH9H11WY21WW21W
MAZDA 6 luci Bi-Xenon2010 > 2012D2S XenonD2S XenonH11W5WPY21WPY21W
MAZDA 6 luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D4S XenonD4S XenonH11WY21WWY21W
MERCEDES A class1997 > 2004H7H7H3T4WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES A class2004 > 2012H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES A class2012 >H7H15H15PY21WPY21WW16W
MERCEDES A class luci a Xenon2004 >D2S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES A class luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D1S XenonD1S XenonPY21WW16W
MERCEDES B class2005 > 2012H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
MERCEDES B class2012 >H7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES B class luci Bi-Xenon2005 > 2012D2S XenonD2S XenonH11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
MERCEDES B class luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D2S XenonD2S XenonW5WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES C class2000 > 2006H7H7PY21WP21WP21W
MERCEDES C class2007 >H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES C class2013 >H7H7P21W
MERCEDES C class luci a Xenon2000 > 2006D2R XenonH7PY21WP21WP21W
MERCEDES C class luci a Xenon2007 >D1S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES CLA Coupé2013 >H7H15H15P21WP21WP21W
MERCEDES E class1995 > 2002H7H7H1H6WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES E class2002 > 2009H7H7H11W5WPY21W
MERCEDES E class2009 > 2010H7H7H11W5WPY21W
MERCEDES E class2011 >H7H7H11W5WPY21W
MERCEDES E class luci a Xenon1995 > 2002D2R XenonH7H3H6WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES E class luci a Xenon2002 > 2009D1S XenonH7H11W5WPY21W
MERCEDES E class luci a Xenon2009 > 2010D1S XenonH7H11W5WPY21W
MERCEDES E class luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11
MERCEDES E Cabriolet2010 >H7H7H11W5WPY21WHiPHiP
MERCEDES E Cabriolet luci a Xenon2010 >D1S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WHiPHiP
MERCEDES E Coupé luci a Xenon2010 >D1S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WHiPHiP
MERCEDES G class1990 >H4H4H11W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
MERCEDES G class luci Bi-Xenon1990 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
MERCEDES GL luci a Xenon2008 >D1S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES GL luci Bi-Xenon2009 >D2S XenonD2S XenonW5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES GLA luci Bi-Xenon2015 >D1S XenonD1S XenonPW21WW16W
MERCEDES GLK luci Bi-Xenon2008 >D1S XenonD1S XenonW5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES M class1998 > 2005H7H7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES M class2005 > 2010H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES M class2011 >H7H7W5WPY24WP21W
MERCEDES M class luci a Xenon1998 > 2005D2R XenonH7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES M class luci a Xenon2005 > 2010D1S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES M class luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D2S XenonD2S XenonP21W
MERCEDES R class2006 >H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES R class luci a Xenon2006 >D1S XenonH7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES S class1999 > 2005H7H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
MERCEDES S class2013 >
MERCEDES S class luci a Xenon1999 > 2005D2R XenonH7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
MERCEDES S class luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH7
MERCEDES S class coupé luci Bi-Xenon2006 >D1S XenonD1S XenonW16W
MERCEDES Sprinter1995 > 2008H1H7H7W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
MERCEDES Sprinter2009 >H7H7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES Sprinter2013 >H7H7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES Sprinter luci Bi-Xenon2009 >D1S
MERCEDES Sprinter luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D3S
MERCEDES V class1997 > 2004H4H4H3T4WPY21WP21WP21W
MERCEDES V class2014 >H7H15H15PY21WP21WP21W
MERCEDES Vaneo2002 > 2006H7H7H1T4WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES Vaneo luci a Xenon2002 > 2006D2R XenonH7H1T4WPY21WPY21WP21W
MERCEDES Vario1998 >H1H4H1W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
MERCEDES Viano2003 >H7H7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
MERCEDES Viano2010 >H7H7H7W21/5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
MERCEDES Viano luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH7W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
MERCEDES Vito1997 > 2003H4H1H1T4WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
MERCEDES Vito2003 > 2009H7H7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
MERCEDES Vito2010 >H7H7H7W21/5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
MERCEDES Vito luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH7W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
MINI Mini (R50, R53)2001 > 2007H7H7H11W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
MINI Mini (R56)2006 > 2013H4H4H11W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
MINI Mini (F56)2013 >H4H4H8W5WP21WP21W
MINI Mini (R50, R53) luci a Xenon2001 > 2007D2S XenonH9H11W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
MINI Mini (R56) luci a Xenon2006 > 2009D1S XenonH4H11W5WPY21WP21/5W
MINI Mini (R56) luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
MINI Mini (F56) luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D5S XenonD5S XenonH8W5WP21WP21W
MINI Mini Cabriolet2011 >H13H13H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
MINI Mini Cabriolet luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
MINI Mini Clubman2007 >H4H4H8PY21WPY21W
MINI Mini Clubman luci a Xenon2007 >D1S XenonH4H8PY21WPY21W
MINI Mini Cooper2001 > 2006H7H7H7W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
MINI Mini Cooper2006 >H4H4H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MINI Mini Cooper luci a Xenon2001 > 2006D2R XenonH7H7W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
MINI Mini Cooper luci a Xenon2006 >D1S XenonH4H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MINI Mini Countryman2010 >H4H4H8W5WP21WP21WP21W
MINI Mini Countryman luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WPY21WP21WP21W
MINI Mini Coupé2011 >H4H4H8W5WPY21WPY21WW21W
MINI Mini Coupé luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WPY21WPY21WW21W
MINI Mini One2001 > 2006H7H7H7W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
MINI Mini One2007 >H4H4H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MINI Mini One luci a Xenon2001 > 2006D2R XenonH7H7W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
MINI Mini One luci a Xenon2007 >D1S XenonH4H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MINI Mini Paceman2012 >H4H4H8W5WP21W/ PY21WP21WP21W
MINI Mini Paceman luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WP21W/ PY21WP21WP21W
MINI Mini Roadster2012 >H4H4H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
MINI Mini Roadster luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
NISSAN Almera2000 > 2006H7H1H1W5WPY21WW21WP21W
NISSAN Almera Classic2006 >H7H1H8W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Almera Tino2000 > 2006H7HB3HB3W5WP21WP21WP21W
NISSAN Cabstar2008 >H4H4H11W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Cube2010 >H4H4H8W5WPY21WPY21WW21/5W
NISSAN Juke2011 >HB5HB5H8W5WPY21WW21/5WW21W
NISSAN Kubistar2004 > 2009H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
NISSAN Leaf2011 >H9H11W5WWY21/5WWY21W
NISSAN Maxima1988 > 2004H4H4W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Maxima2008 >H11HB3H11WY21/5WWY21/5WWY21W
NISSAN Maxima luci a Xenon2000 > 2007D2S XenonHB4HB4W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
NISSAN Maxima luci a Xenon2008 >D2S XenonHB3H11WY21/5WWY21/5WWY21W
NISSAN Micra1998 > 2002H4H4HB3W5WP21WP21WW21W
NISSAN Micra2003 > 2010H4H4H1W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Micra2010 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
NISSAN Micra2013 >H4H4H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
NISSAN Micra C+C2006 > 2011H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
NISSAN Murano2009 >H11HB3H8W5WWY21WWY21W
NISSAN Murano luci Bi-Xenon2005 > 2008D2S XenonD2S XenonR5WP21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Murano luci Bi-Xenon2009 >D2S XenonD2S XenonH8W5WWY21WWY21W
NISSAN Navara2005 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Note2006 > 2009H4H4H8W5WPY21WW16WP21/5W
NISSAN Note2010 >H4H4H8W5WPY21WW16WP21/5W
NISSAN NV2002010 >H4H4H8W5WPY21WW16WP21/5W
NISSAN NV4002010 >H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
NISSAN Pathfinder2001 > 2004H7H7HB3W5WW21WW21WW21/5W
NISSAN Pathfinder2005 >H4H4H11W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Pathfinder2009 >HB5HB5H11W21/5WW21/5W21WW21/5W
NISSAN Pathfinder luci Bi-Xenon2005 >D2R XenonD2R XenonH11W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Patrol1998 > 2010H4H4W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Patrol2010 >H11H9H8W5WWY21WWY21W
NISSAN Patrol luci a Xenon2010 >D2S XenonH9H8W5WWY21WWY21W
NISSAN Pixo2009 >H4H4PY21WPY21WP21/5W
NISSAN Primastar2002 > 2007H4H4H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Primastar2008 >H4H4H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Primera1999 > 2002H7H1HB3W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Primera2002 > 2007H7H7H11W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Primera luci a Xenon1999 > 2007D2S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN Qashqai2007 >H7H7H11W5WPY21WP21W
NISSAN Qashqai2011 >H7H7H11W5WPY21WP21W
NISSAN Qashqai2013 >H7H11H8W21WWY21W
NISSAN Qashqai luci a Xenon2007 >D2R XenonH7H11W5WPY21WP21W
NISSAN Qashqai luci a Xenon2011 >D2R XenonH7H11W5WPY21WP21W
NISSAN Qashqai+22008 > 2010H11HB3H11W21WW21/5W
NISSAN Qashqai+2 luci a Xenon2008 > 2010HB3D2R XenonH11W21WW21/5W
NISSAN Terrano1996 > 2007H4H4HB3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
NISSAN X Trail2001 > 2007H4H4H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
OPEL Adam2012 >H7H1W21/5WPY21WW16W
OPEL Agila2000 > 2007H4H4H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
OPEL Agila2008 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
OPEL Antara2006 >H7H7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
OPEL Astra1998 > 2004HB3H7H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
OPEL Astra2004 > 2008H7H1H3W5WH21WPY21WP21W
OPEL Astra2009 >H7H7H10W21/5WPSY24WW16WW16W
OPEL Astra2013 >H7H7H11W21/5WW16WW16W
OPEL Astra luci a Xenon2004 > 2008D2S XenonH1H3W5WH21WPY21WP21W
OPEL Astra luci Bi-Xenon2009 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH10PSY24WW16WW16W
OPEL Astra luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D1S XenonD1S XenonPY21WW16WW16W
OPEL Astra Classic1998 > 2005H4H4H3W5WPY21WP21WP21W
OPEL Astra GTC2011 >HIR2HIR2H10W21/5WPY21WWY21WP21W
OPEL Astra GTC luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH10PY21WWY21WP21W
OPEL Astra Sports Tourer2010 >H7H7H10W21/5WPSY24WPY21WP21W
OPEL Astra Sports Tourer2013 >H7H7H11W21/5WW16WP21W
OPEL Astra Sports Tourer luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH10PSY24WPY21WP21W
OPEL Astra Sports Tourer luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11PY21WW16WP21W
OPEL Corsa2001 > 2006H7H7H3W5WP21WPY21WP21/5W
OPEL Corsa2006 > 2010H7H1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
OPEL Corsa2011 >H7H1H10W21/5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
OPEL Corsa Combo2001 > 2006H7H7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
OPEL Frontera1992 > 2004H1H2H4W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
OPEL GT Cabriolet2007 >H11H9H11P27/7WP27/7WP27/7WP27/7W
OPEL Insignia2008 > 2009H1H7H10W21/5WPY21WPY21WP18W
OPEL Insignia2010 >H1H7H10W21/5WPY21WPY21WP18W
OPEL Insignia2014 >HIR2HIR2H10W21/5WPY21WW21W
OPEL Insignia luci Bi-Xenon2008 > 2009D1S XenonD1S XenonH10PY21WPY21WP18W
OPEL Insignia luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH10PY21WPY21WP18W
OPEL Insignia luci Bi-Xenon2014 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH10W21W
OPEL Insignia Caravan2014 >HIR2HIR2H10W21/5WPY21WW21W
OPEL Insignia Caravan luci Bi-Xenon2014 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH10W21W
OPEL Meriva2003 > 2010H7H1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
OPEL Meriva2010 >H7H1H10W21/5WPY21WW16WW16W
OPEL Mokka2012 >H7HB3H11W21/5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
OPEL Mokkaluci Bi-Xenon2012 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11WY21WWY21WW21/5W
OPEL Movano2004 > 2009H7H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
OPEL Movano2010 >H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
OPEL Tigra C - Twin Top2004 >H7H7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
OPEL Vectra1996 > 2002H7H1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
OPEL Vectra2002 > 2004H7H7H3W5WPY21WP21WP21W
OPEL Vectra2005 > 2008H7H1H3W5WPY21WP21WP21W
OPEL Vectra luci a Xenon2005 > 2008D1S XenonH1H3W5DPY21WP21WP21W
OPEL Vivaro2001 > 2005H4H4H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
OPEL Vivaro2006 >H4H4H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
OPEL Zafira1999 > 2005H7HB3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
OPEL Zafira2005 >H7H1H3W5WH21WP21WP21W
OPEL Zafira luci Bi-Xenon2005 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH3W5WPY24WP21WP21W
OPEL Zafira Tourer2011 >HIR2HIR2H10W21/5WPY21WPY21WP21W
OPEL Zafira Tourer luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH10PY21WPY21WP21W
PEUGEOT 1061996 > 2003H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 1072005 > 2009H4H4W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 1072010 >H4H4W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 1082015 >9012
PEUGEOT 2061999 > 2009H7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 206 S GTI CC1999 > 2008H7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 206 CC2003 > 2008H7H7H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 206+2009 >H7H1PSX24WW5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 2072006 >H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
PEUGEOT 207 CC2006 > 2009H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
PEUGEOT 207 CC2010 >H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
PEUGEOT 2082012 >H7H7PSX24WPY21WP21W
PEUGEOT 3012012 >H7H1H11W21/5W/ W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 306 XN/XR1993 > 2002H4H4W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 306 XT/XSi1995 > 2002H7H7H3W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 3072001 > 2005H7H1H1W5WPY21WP21WP21W
PEUGEOT 3072005 > 2008H1H7H11W5WPY21WP21WP21W
PEUGEOT 307 luci a Xenon2005 > 2008D1S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WP21WP21W
PEUGEOT 307 CC2003 > 2005H7H1H1W5WPY21WP21W
PEUGEOT 307 CC2005 > 2008H1H7H11W5WPY21WP21W
PEUGEOT 307 CC luci a Xenon2005 > 2008D1S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WP21W
PEUGEOT 3082007 > 2011H7H1H8P21/5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 3082013 >H7HB3H11PY21WPY21W
PEUGEOT 308 luci a Xenon2007 > 2011D1S XenonH1H8P21/5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 308/308 SW2011 >H7H1H8P21/5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 308/308 SW luci a Xenon2011 >D1S XenonH1H8P21/5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 308 CC2008 >H7H1H8P21/5WPY21W
PEUGEOT 308 CC luci a Xenon2008 >D1S XenonH1H8P21/5WPY21W
PEUGEOT 4061996 > 2004H7H7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 407/407 SW2004 > 2010H1H7H11W5WPY21WP21WP21/4W
PEUGEOT 407/407 SW luci a Xenon2004 > 2010D2S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WP21WP21/4W
PEUGEOT 4082010 >H7H1H8P21/5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 408 luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8P21/5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 5082011 >H7H7H8W5WPY21WPY21W
PEUGEOT 508 luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8PY21WPY21W
PEUGEOT 508 SW luci Bi-Xenon2011D1S XenonD1S XenonH8PY21WPY21W
PEUGEOT 6072000 > 2006H7H1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 6072006 > 2010H7H1H1W5WPY21WHP16WHP16W
PEUGEOT 607 luci a Xenon2000 > 2006D2R XenonH1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 607 luci a Xenon2006 > 2010D2R XenonH1H1W5WPY21WHP16WHP16W
PEUGEOT 8061994 > 2002H1H1H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 8072002 > 2010H7H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 10072004 > 2009H4H4H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 20082013 >H7H7PY21WP21W
PEUGEOT 30082009 >H7H7PSX24WP21/5WHP24WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 30082013 >H9H9PSX24WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 3008 luci a Xenon2009 >D1S XenonH7PSX24WP21/5WHP24WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 3008 luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D1S XenonD1S XenonPSX24WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT 40072007 >H11H7H11W5WPY21WWY21WW21/5W
PEUGEOT 4007 luci a Xenon2007 >D2S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WWY21WW21/5W
PEUGEOT 40082011 >H7HB3H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
PEUGEOT 4008 luci a Xenon2011 >D2S XenonHB3H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
PEUGEOT 50082013 >H7H7PSX24WP21WP21W
PEUGEOT 5008 luci Bi-Xenon2009 >D1S XenonD1S XenonPSX24WP21/5WHP24WPY21WP21W
PEUGEOT 5008 luci Bi-Xenon2013 >D1S XenonD1S XenonPSX24WP21WP21W
PEUGEOT Bipper Van2008 >H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
PEUGEOT Boxer1994 > 2002H4H4H1W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT Boxer2002 > 2006H7H1H1R5WP21WP21WP21W
PEUGEOT Boxer2007 >H7H1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT Expert2003 > 2006H4H4H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT Expert Teepee2007 >H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT Partner2002 > 2007H4H4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT Partner Tepee/Van2008 >H4H4H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT RCZ2009 >H7H1H8P21/5WPY21WP21/5W
PEUGEOT RCZ luci a Xenon2009 >D1S XenonH1H8P21/5WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Captur2013 >H1H1H16/H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Clio1999 > 2005H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Clio2006 >H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Clio2012 >H7H1H16W5WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Clio luci a Xenon2006 >D2S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Espace1997 > 2003H7H1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Espace2003 > 2011H7H3H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Espace2011 >H7H1H11PY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Espace luci a Xenon1997 > 2003D2S XenonH1H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Espace luci a Xenon2003 > 2011D2S XenonH1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Espace luci a Xenon2011 >D1S XenonH1H11PY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Scenic luci a Xenon2003 > 2010D2S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
RENAULT Scenic luci a Xenon2010 >D1S XenonH7H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Trafic2000 > 2006H4H4H1W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
RENAULT Trafic2006 >H4H4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Twingo1998 > 2006H4H4W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
RENAULT Twingo2007 > 2009H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Twingo2010 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
RENAULT Wind Roadster2010 >H1H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SEAT Alhambra1999 > 2010H7H1H7H6WP21WP21WP21W
SEAT Alhambra2010 >H7H15HB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SEAT Alhambra luci a Xenon1999 > 2010D2S XenonH7H7W5WP21WP21WP21W
SEAT Alhambra Bi-Xenon2010 >D3S XenonD3S XenonHB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SEAT Altea2005 > 2010H7H1H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
SEAT Altea XL2007 >H7H1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SEAT Altea Freetrack2008 >H7H1HB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SEAT Altea Freetrack luci Bi-Xenon2008 >D1S XenonD1S XenonHB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SEAT Arosa1997 > 2004H4H4W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
SEAT Cordoba2000 > 2009H7H7H3W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
SEAT Cordoba HR1997 > 2002H1H1H3W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
SEAT Cordoba LR1997 > 2002H4H4H3W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
SEAT Exeo2010 >H7H1H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SEAT Exeo luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SEAT Ibiza1999 > 2002H4H4H7W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
SEAT Ibiza2002 > 2009H7H7H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
SEAT Ibiza2009 >H4H4HB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SEAT Ibiza luci a Xenon2002 > 2009D1S XenonH7H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
SEAT Ibiza con lampada doppia2009 >H7H7HB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SEAT Ibiza Sportcoupé2009 >H4H4HB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SEAT Ibiza Sportcoupé con lampada doppia2009 >H7H7HB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SEAT Inca1995 > 2003H4H4H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
SEAT Leon2000 > 2006H7H1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SEAT Leon2006 >H7H1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SEAT Leon2010 >H7H1HB4W5WPY21WP21WP21W
SEAT Leon luci a Xenon2006 >D1S XenonH7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SEAT Leon luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonHB4W5WPY21WP21WP21W
SEAT Toledo1999 > 2006H7H1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SEAT Toledo2005 > 2009H7H3H3W5WPY21WP21WP21W
SEAT Toledo2012 >H7H7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SEAT Toledo luci a Xenon2005 > 2009D2S XenonH3H3W5WPY21WP21WP21W
SKODA Citigo2011 >H4HB4W21/5WPY21WRY10WP21/4W
SKODA Fabia1999 > 2007H7H1H3W5WPY21WP21WP21W
SKODA Fabia2007 >H4H4H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
SKODA Fabia luci a Xenon1999 > 2008D1S XenonH1H3W5WPY21WP21WP21W
SKODA Fabia Kombi2000 > 2007H7H3H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SKODA Fabia Kombi2007 >H7H3HB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
SKODA Fabia Kombi luci a Xenon2000 > 2007D1S XenonH7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SKODA Fabia Kombi luci a Xenon2007 >D2S XenonH7HB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
SKODA Fabia Praktik2003 > 2007H7H3H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
SKODA Octavia1996 > 2004H7H4H4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SKODA Octavia2005 > 2010H7H1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SKODA Octavia2010 >H7H1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
SKODA Octavia2012 >H7H15H8/H16W5WPY21WP21W
SKODA Octavia luci a Xenon2005 > 2010D1S XenonH1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SKODA Octavia luci a Xenon2010 >D1S XenonH1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
SKODA Octavia luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH8/H16W5W/ P21/5WPY21WP21W
SKODA Octavia Estate2010 >H7H1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
SKODA Octavia Estate2012 >H7H15H8/H16W5WPY21WP21W
SKODA Octavia Estate luci a Xenon2010 >D1S XenonH1H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
SKODA Octavia Estate luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH8/H16W5W/ P21/5WPY21WP21W
SKODA Rapid2012 >H7H15H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
SKODA Rapid Spaceback2013 >H7H15H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
SKODA Roomster Praktik2007 >H4H4H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SKODA Roomster2007 > 2009H4H4HB4W5WPY21WP21WP21W
SKODA Roomster2010 >H4H4H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SKODA Roomster con lampada doppia2010 >H7H7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SKODA Superb2002 > 2007H7H3H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
SKODA Superb2008 > 2009H7H3H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SKODA Superb2010 >H7H3H8W5WPY24WPY21WW16W
SKODA Superb luci a Xenon2002 > 2007D2S XenonH3H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
SKODA Superb luci a Xenon2008 > 2009D2S XenonH3H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SKODA Superb luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WPY24WPY21WW16W
SKODA Yeti2009 >H4H4H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SKODA Yeti2011 >H4H4H7W5WPY24WPY21WP21W
SKODA Yeti2014H7H7H8PY21WP21W
SKODA Yeti luci a Xenon2009 >D1S XenonH4H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
SKODA Yeti luci a Xenon2014 >D3S XenonH7H8PY21WP21W
SKODA Yeti luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH7W5WPY24WPY21WP21W
SMART Smart2008 >H7H7H11W5WPY21WP21/5WP21/5W
SMART Smart Fortwo2009 >H7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SMART Smart Fortwo Electrodrive2009 >H7H7W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SUZUKI Swift2005 > 2010H4H4H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
SUZUKI Swift2010 >H4H4H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
TOYOTA Auris2007 >HB3H1H11W5WPY21WWY21WW21W
TOYOTA Auris2009 >H11HB3H11W5WPY21WWY21WW16W
TOYOTA Auris luci a Xenon2009 >D4S XenonHB3H11W5WPY21WWY21WW16W
TOYOTA Avensis1998 > 2003H7H7W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
TOYOTA Avensis2003 > 2009H7H1HB3W5WPY21WP21WP21W
TOYOTA Avensis Estate2009 >H11HB3H11W5WWY21WPY21W
TOYOTA Avensis Estate luci a Xenon2009 >D4S XenonD4S XenonH11W5WWY21WPY21W
TOYOTA Avensis Verso2001 > 2009HB4HB3H7W5WPY21WP21WW21/5W
TOYOTA Aygo2005 >H4H4W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
TOYOTA Celica2001 > 2006HB3H7H3W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
TOYOTA Corolla2000 > 2002HB4HB3H3W5WPY21WW21WW21/5W
TOYOTA Corolla2002 > 2007H7H7HB4W5WPY21WW21WW21/5W
TOYOTA Corolla2008 >HB4HB3H11W5WWY21WP21WP21/5W
TOYOTA Corolla Estate2002 > 2007H7HB3HB4W5WPY21WW21WW21/5W
TOYOTA Corolla luci a Xenon2008 >D4R XenonHB3H11W5WWY21WP21WP21/5W
TOYOTA Corolla Verso2002 > 2004HB3HB3HB4W5WPY21WW21WW21/5W
TOYOTA Corolla Verso2004 > 2009HB4HB3HB4W5WW21WW21WP21W
TOYOTA Hiace1996 > 2002H4H4W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
TOYOTA Hiace2002 > 2006H4H4W5WP21WWY21WW21W
TOYOTA Hiace2006 >H4H4HB4W5WWY21WWY21WW21W
TOYOTA Hilux1995 > 2005H4H4W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
TOYOTA Hilux2006 >H4H4W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
TOYOTA Land Cruiser1997 > 2003H4H4W5WP21WP21WP21/5W
TOYOTA Land Cruiser2003 > 2009H4H4HB4W5WW21WPY21WW21/5W
TOYOTA Land Cruiser 1502010 >H11HB3HB4W5WWY21WWY21W
TOYOTA Land Cruiser 150 luci a Xenon2010 >D4S XenonHB3HB4W5WWY21WWY21W
TOYOTA Prius2001 > 2004H4H4W5WPY21WPY21WW21/5W
TOYOTA Prius2004 > 2008H4H4HB4W5WPY21WPY21WW21W
TOYOTA Prius2009 >H11HB3H11W5WWY21WWY21W
TOYOTA Prius Plus2012 >H11HB3H11W5WWY21WWY21W
TOYOTA RAV 42000 > 2005H4H4HB4W5WWY21WW21WW21/5W
TOYOTA RAV 42006 > 2007H11HB4W5WPY21WPY21WW21/5W
TOYOTA Urban Cruiser2009 >H4H4H11WY21WWY21WW21/5W
TOYOTA Verso2009 >HB3HB3H11PY21WPY21WP21W
TOYOTA Verso S2010 >H4H4H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
TOYOTA Yaris1999 > 2005H4H4HB4W5WP21WW21WP21/5W
TOYOTA Yaris2006 > 2010H4H4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
TOYOTA Yaris2011 >H4H4H11W5WWY21WWY21WW21/5W
TOYOTA Yaris Verso2002 > 2006H4H4HB4W5WPY21WPY21WW21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Amarok2010 >H7H1H11PY21WP21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Beetle1998 > 2006H1H1H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Beetle2007 > 2010H7H7H1W5WPY21WP21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Beetle2011 >H4H4H8W21/5WH21WP21WW21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Beetle luci a Xenon1998 > 2006D2S XenonH7H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Beetle luci a Xenon2007 > 2010D2S XenonH7H1W5WPY21WP21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Crafter2006 >H7H7HB4W5WP21WP21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Eos2006 > 2008H7H7HB4W5WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Eos2008 > 2010H7H7HB4W5WPY21W
VOLKSWAGEN Eos luci a Xenon2008 > 2010D1S XenonD1S XenonHB4W5WPY21W
VOLKSWAGEN Eos luci a Xenon2011 >D3S XenonD3S XenonHB4PSY24W
VOLKSWAGEN Fox2006 > 2012H4H4H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf I1974 > 1983H4H4T4W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf II1983 > 1987H4H4H3T4WP21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf III1991 > 1997H4H4H3T4W/ W5WP21W/ PY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf III luci a Xenon1995 > 1997D2S XenonH1H3T4W/ W5WP21W/ PY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf IV1997 > 2004H7H1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf IV luci a Xenon1997 > 2003D2S XenonH1H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf V2004 > 2007H7H7H11W5WPY21WP21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf V luci a Xenon2004 > 2007D2S XenonH7H11W5WH21WP21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf V Variant2007 > 2008H7H7HB4W5WPY21W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf V Variant luci a Xenon2007 > 2008D2S XenonH7HB4W5WH21W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf VI luci a Xenon2008 >D1S XenonH7HB4W5WPSY24WWY21WW16W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf VI Variant2009 >H7H15HB4W5WPSY24wPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf VI Variant luci a Xenon2009 >D1S XenonD1S XenonHB4W5WPSY24WPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf VII luci a Xenon2012 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH11H21WWY21WW21W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf Plus2010 >H7H15HB4W5WPY21W
VOLKSWAGEN Golf Plus luci a Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonHB4W21/5WH21W
VOLKSWAGEN Lupo1999 > 2006H4H4H3W5WPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Passat2001 > 2005H7H7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
VOLKSWAGEN Passat2005 > 2010H7H7HB4W5WH21W
VOLKSWAGEN Passat luci a Xenon2001 > 2005D2S XenonH9H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
VOLKSWAGEN Passat luci a Xenon2005 > 2010D1S XenonH7HB4W5WH21W
VOLKSWAGEN Passat luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH8PSY24WPY21W
VOLKSWAGEN Passat CC luci a Xenon2008 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH11W5WH21WRY10WW16W
VOLKSWAGEN Passat Variant2005 > 2009H7H7HB4W5WH21W
VOLKSWAGEN Passat Variant2010H7H7H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Passat Variant luci a Xenon2005 > 2009D1S XenonH7HB4W5WH21W
VOLKSWAGEN Passat Variant luci Bi-Xenon2010D3S XenonD3S XenonH8PSY24WPY21W
VOLKSWAGEN Polo2002 > 2004H7H1W5WPY21WP21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Polo2005 > 2009H7H1HB4W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Polo luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH8PSY24WPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Scirocco2008 >H7H7HB4W5WH21WPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Scirocco2010 >H7H7HB4W5WH21WPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Scirocco luci a Xenon2008 >D1S XenonH7HB4W5WH21WPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Scirocco luci a Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonHB4W5WH21WPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Sharan2001 > 2009H7H1H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Sharan luci a Xenon2001 > 2009D2S XenonH7H1W5WPY21WP21WP21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Sharan luci a Xenon2010 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH8PY21WPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Tiguan2007 > 2009H7H7HB4W5WPY21WWY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Tiguan luci a Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonHB4W5WP21WWY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Touareg2003 > 2005H7H9H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
VOLKSWAGEN Touareg luci a Xenon2003 > 2007D1S XenonH7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21/4W
VOLKSWAGEN Touareg luci a Xenon2010 >D3S XenonD3S XenonHB4PSY24WPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Touran2003 > 2005H7H7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Touran luci a Xenon2003 > 2005D2S XenonH7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Touran luci a Xenon2011 >D3S XenonD3S XenonHB4PY21WPY21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Transporter T4 Pick-up1991 > 2003H4H4H3T4WP21WP21WP21W
VOLKSWAGEN Transporter T4 Van1991 > 2003H4H4H3T4WP21WP21WP21/5W
VOLKSWAGEN Transporter T52004 > 2009H4H1H11W5WPY21WP21WP21W
VOLVO C302007 > 2009H7HB3H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO C302010 >H7H9H7W5WPY24WPY21WP21W
VOLVO C701997 > 2005H7H7H1W5WP21/5WP21/5WP21W
VOLVO C702011 >H7H9H7W5WPY24WPY21W
VOLVO S402001 > 2003H7H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S402004 > 2009H7HB3H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S402010 >H7H9H8W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S40 luci a Xenon2004 > 2009D2S XenonHB3H11W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S40 luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WPY24WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S602001 > 2004H7HB3H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S602005 > 2009H7H9H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S602010 >H7H9HY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S60 luci a Xenon2001 > 2004D2R XenonH7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S60 luci a Xenon2005 > 2009HIDH9H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S60 luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D3S XenonD3S XenonHY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S801999 > 2003H7H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S802004 > 2005H7H7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S802006 > 2009H7H9H8W5WH21W
VOLVO S802010 >H7H9H8W5WH21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S80 luci a Xenon1999 > 2003D2R XenonH7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO S80 luci a Xenon2006 > 2009D2R XenonH9H8W5WH21W
VOLVO S80 luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8W5WH21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO V401999 > 2004H7H7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO V402012 >H7H9H7W5WHY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO V40 luci a Xenon1999 > 2004D2R XenonH7H3W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO V40 luci Bi-Xenon2012 >D2R XenonD2R XenonH7HY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO V502004 > 2012H7HB3H11W5WP21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO V50 luci a Xenon2004 > 2012D2S XenonHB3H11W5WP21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO V602005 > 2009H7H9H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO V602010 >H7H9H9HY21WPY21W
VOLVO V602014 >H7H9PY21W
VOLVO V60 luci a Xenon2014 >D3S XenonH9PY21W
VOLVO V60 luci Bi-Xenon2010 >D3S XenonD3S XenonH9HY21WPY21W
VOLVO V60 Plug-in Hybrid2012 >H7H9H9HY21WPY21W
VOLVO V702000 > 2007H7HB3H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
VOLVO V702007 >H7H9H8W5WH21WPY21W
VOLVO V70 luci a Xenon2000 > 2007D2R XenonH7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
VOLVO V70 luci Bi-Xenon2007 >D1S
VOLVO XC602009 > 2011H7H7H1W5WP21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO XC602012 >H7H9H9W5WPY21WP21W
VOLVO XC602014 >H7H9P21W
VOLVO XC60 luci a Xenon2009 > 2011D2R XenonH7H1W5WP21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO XC60 luci a Xenon2012 >D2R XenonD2R XenonH9W5WPY21WP21W
VOLVO XC60 luci a Xenon2014 >D3S XenonH9P21W
VOLVO XC702007 > 2010H7HB3H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
VOLVO XC702011 >H7H9H8H21WPY21W
VOLVO XC70 luci a Xenon2007 > 2010D2R XenonH7H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
VOLVO XC70 luci Bi-Xenon2011 >D1S XenonD1S XenonH8H21WPY21W
VOLVO XC70 Cross Country2000 > 2007H7HB3H1W5WPY21WPY21WP21/5W
VOLVO XC902002 > 2004H7H7H1W5WP21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO XC902005 > 2009H7H7H1W5WH21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO XC902010 > 2012H7H7H1W5WP21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO XC90 luci a Xenon2002 > 2004D2R XenonH7H1W5WP21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO XC90 luci a Xenon2005 > 2009D1S XenonH7H1W5WH21WPY21WP21W
VOLVO XC90 luci Bi-Xenon2010 > 2012D2R XenonD2R XenonH1W5WP21WPY21WP21W

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